Moving fluids plays a major role in the process of a plant. Liquid can only move on its own power, and then only from top to bottom or from a high pressure to a lower pressure system. This means that energy to the liquid must be added, to moving the liquid from a low to a higher level.

To add the required energy to liquids, pumps are used. A pump is a machine used for the purpose of transferring quantities of fluids and or gases from one place to another.

Pump types generally fall into two main categories – Rotodynamic and Positive Displacement, of which there are many forms.

The Rotodynamic pump transfers rotating mechanical energy into kinetic energy in the form of fluid velocity and pressure. The Centrifugal and Liquid Ring pumps are types of rotodynamic pump, which utilize centrifugal force to transfer the fluid being pumped.

The Rotary Lobe pump is a type of positive displacement pump, which directly displaces the pumped fluid from pump inlet to outlet in discrete volumes.

Our company technician will be glad to help you on the appropriate pump selection according with process parameters, such as:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Viscosity
  • Density
  • Flow characteristics